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Res Telæ Sponsors 2015 Drupal Dev Days in Montpellier

Submitted by felip on

Montpellier is on the way to becoming the centre of the Drupal world, for the second time in less than a year! From April 13th till the end of the week, will take place the 2015 edition of the Drupal Developer Days, which is an event on a European scale. Res Telæ takes delight in sponsoring this new event.

Of greater importance than a drupalcamp, but in a more relaxed atmosphere than a drupalcon, it might be the most interesting format among Drupal events. These days attract numerous skilled dupallers, even amongst the greatest contributors, whom you will meet in the flesh! Not to mention more modest ones, like your humble servant, who was rejoicing in advance in presenting with morsok the implementation of a development environment with Vagrant and an installation profile. Alas, the universal suffrage decided otherwise.

This edition is under the sign of culinary art; on the menu, sessions, BoFs (informal sessions), but also... countless occasions to contribute: register for a sprint, no doubt you will find one to your taste!