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2017 CAF speleology gathering (Drupal 8)

Gathering website screenshot

Creation as a courtesy of the 28th speleology gathering of the French Alpine Club website, for the Comité Départemental de Catalogne Nord de la Fédération Française des Clubs Alpins et de Montagne. This event will take place from May 24th to May 28th 2017 in Talteüll.

The website is entirely responsive (meaning it can be easily browsed from any device, from a smartphone to a desktop computer), gives a general presentation of the event, the activities (including the caves which will be explored by partcipants), with geolocation, and feature partners for the project. The organisers preferred to move registration to the system usually employed by the federation.

This is our first project in Drupal 8, which required a shift to a new workflow, most notably exportation and deployment of the whole configuration using native features from the new core, and no longer using the Features module, which has both advantages and drawbacks. Apart from this aspect which. coming from Drupal 7, required some adjustments, site building with Drupal 8 is quite enjoyable and improvements are real.