Manipulation of biological data

For organisations such as Bioversity International or CIRAD, I work on existing sites, or create new ones, to handle both in situ and ex situ biological data. This requires manipulation and migration of data, with tools like Migrate, and sometimes plugging in data sources used in this environment, such as databases using the Chado schema — which was the opportunity to write a new module.

Drupal development

Custom development work, best suited to customers specific business needs. Some examples:

  • Satisfaction campaign management for an institution which trains students to maritime professions. The Webform module simply was not enough: it was necessary to manage satisfaction campaigns in a certain way, import participants on the fly and make sure they vote only once and anonymously. Surveys...

Website Constellation for a Health Editor

Technical direction and development on a project about a Drupal 7 website constellation for a health editor. Each magazine, dedicated to a medical specialism, has its own website. These are too different from one another to rely on the Domain Access module, however they share a great part of the code and the configuration. We agreed on a multi-site approach, all the sites sharing a common installation profile.