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Drupal Development Work

Execution of some works of Drupal development in subcontracting (lately for companies in Toulouse, Paris and Barcelona). Here are a few examples:

  • intervention on pharmaceutical laboratories websites;
  • creation of a module for an online contest game;
  • improvements on an existing Drupal website;
  • data import via web services, Feeds or Migrate, Drupal entities development using Entity API.

Electricity Company of Tignes

Renewal of the Electricity Compagny website of Tignes, use of Drupal 7 CMS.

  • insertion of a slideshow;
  • news posting process;
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) management.

This is merely the first part of the project. A new system allowing users to look up and pay their bills online is being planned in the short run - which requires beforehand a transition to a fitting business software.

36th "aplec excursionista dels Països Catalans"

Website of the 36th aplec excursionista dels Països Catalans (a hiking meeting in the Països Catalans, taking place in Prades in November 2012). The participants can directly sign up for the event from their account. The website allows access to the scheduled activities in the form of a calendar, each activity leading to a specific note (including among other things maps and a small gallery). It introduces an overview of all the means of accommodation in low Conflent in a similar fashion. The editorial team keeps full control over the contents - no specific IT skills required.